Business Development

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Breaking Through

No business can thrive without the discovery of a great idea.  But, then again, an idea needs to undergo proper development to transform into a successful business venture — else your unpolished idea dies a quick death.  If you’re reading this, chances are you have already had your ‘Eureka’ moment.  And now, you are scratching your head thinking of the most viable subsequent steps to turn your mere idea into a full-blown business plan.

business plans

What is a business plan?  In its simplest form, a business plan is a guide—a roadmap for your business that outlines goals and details how you plan to achieve those goals.  If you’ve ever jotted down a business idea on a napkin with a few tasks you need to accomplish, you’ve written a business plan—or at least the very basic components of one.  At its heart, a business plan is just a plan for how your business is going to work, and how you’re going to make it succeed.

We work closely with you  to create business plans for growing your business and/or for raising funding through the various funding partners we work with.

Financial Models

Small businesses and startups can greatly benefit from financial modeling because it provides an outlook for specific business conditions, improves decision-making processes, allows you to determine where your business can successfully scale, and maximizes opportunities and profitability.  Basically, it’s a “what if” tool to test business scenarios and take a closer look at how various factors will affect profitability, like potential product price increases or employee wage increases.

Financial models are a critical part of your strategic planning process and any application for business funding.  We can help you develop a suitable financial model for your needs.

business Funding

When you need funding for your small business, it can seem like a big challenge jumping through all the hoops.  We show you what you need to know about small business funding.  For many entrepreneurs, the minute they realise they need small business funding, they automatically panic and wonder, “How on earth am I going to get funding?”  The good news is that there are a number of ways you can get funding for your small business if you know where to look and do the right preparation.

We work closely with Business Partners and other funders through Funding Hub to assist you to raise business funding to grow your business.

BUsiness strategy

Entering into a business or business deal blind is a gamble.  Building specific business strategies is an absolute necessity to increase the odds of success.  Ultimately, a sound strategy or set of strategies that constantly evolve and improve is a path to a better business.  Without strategy, the business depends on blind luck.  Strategy answers the questions about a business.  How will it run?  What is the market?  How does the business compete against similar businesses?  What is the profit model and profit potential?  How much inventory and how many employees are needed to perform daily functions?

Do you need help developing your business strategy?  We can help!

Business Models

Before you start your business, you need to create a business model – your roadmap for business success.  And no, a business model is not a business plan.  You can’t even begin to write a business plan until you’ve created a “blueprint” for your success with a business model. Confused?  Let’s take a closer look at a business model.  A business model is a blueprint for small business success.

Do you have a business model for your business?  Are you able to define how you CREATE, DELIVER and CAPTURE value for your customers and your business?  Let us help you developmyour business model and GROW your business!

Value propositions

Your value proposition is the promise you give to customers that you will deliver something of value to them.  It’s a statement that explains the benefit you offer; who will benefit; and why you are the best choice to deliver that benefit.  Your value proposition doesn’t need to be something you share directly with customers, but it should form the basis of every product or service you create, as well as all your marketing strategies.

Do you have a valid proposition in your business?  Is your value proposition still relevant?  We can help you review your existing value propositions or develop the value proposition for your business if you have not yet defined a value proposition.

business process design

Processes?  This might sound like something that only large businesses need to worry about.  But that’s simply no longer true.  As a small  to medium sized business owner, if you do not establish organised business systems and processes, your venture is likely to fail early on.  If your employees are not clear on what is expected of them, they may make costly mistakes.  In fact, studies show that workflow inefficiencies can cost up to 30% of a business’s revenue.  And as well as staffing, processes can help improve your sales pipeline, your profitability, your web projects — pretty much everything.  Without solid processes, you will never know which areas of your business model are inefficient, and how they can be improved.  Processes need to rule every stage of your business venture.

Do you need help creating and documenting your business processes?  Do you need to link your business processes to individual employee tasks and workflows?  We can help?

business automation

Many businesses struggle from a lack of time & resources to grow their business efficiently.  In such a scenario, automating menial and repetitive tasks via software can go a long way toward saving time and improving overall productivity.  Automation doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lavish amount of money on machines and robots.  It merely means automating one or more work processes with the help of technology to reduce or completely eliminate human intervention.  Smart work is crucial for any business and with automation, you and your employees can focus on more important tasks.  Automating manual and boring tasks can help you focus on doing more of what you love.

Do you need help automating some of your business processes?  Do you need tools to help you achieve your automation strategy?  We can help!  Give us a call?

business value builder

Build, accelerate and harvest the value of your company by focusing on the drivers of value in your business.  Building the value of your company gives you a killer advantage in the game of life.  You can choose to sell if you get an outlandish offer or sleep well at night knowing you could sell.  The hallmark of a valuable company is one that can run without you, which means if you can create a business that’s built to sell, you also have the option to hold on to it without the stress of running your company on a day-to-day basis.  A valuable business is also a sought-after asset, making it more likely that you will get an unsolicited offer for your business.  This gives you negotiating leverage when you decide to sell.

Do you need help creating value in your business?  Do you need to understand the drivers of value in your business?  We can help?