Business Process Design

Learn how to build a process dependent business

BUsiness process design

Learn how to simplify and streamline the critical processes that keep your business humming.  The secret lies in your business processes.  A business process is simply how you accomplish any given task, how you get from A to B.  Every business has dozens of processes at work during the course of a day.  Most of them you and your staff just “know” how to do, whether it’s answering phones, building a component, or writing an article.  The problem is most business owners don’t invest time in documenting, measuring, and managing these business processes.  They’re busy with other important things.  Yet as the business tries to grow, inefficient processes prevent it.

Touchstone business system

TouchStone is built to solve small business’s biggest problems.  If you’re looking for smarter ways to organise your existing processes, ways to scale as you grow or simply get your employees to do what they need to do, the powerful Touchstone system can help.

We are the South African Partner for the Touchstone Business System – a platform created by Business Design Corporation to improve small business.

Touchstone introduction

Touchstone provides an easy solution for organising and managing your processes all in one place for easier training and management of your team.  For MORE CONTROL and MORE CONSISTENCY, make your SOP (standard operating procedures), policies and procedures work for you.

  • Tasks / automated checklists / scripting / video / audio
  • Organisation chart and job descriptions
  • On boarding / training / management
  • 100+ pre-built process templates and so much more…

The Touchstone process

TouchStone turns every process and procedure in your business into simple, trackable tools that make it easy to train, manage and scale knowledge for growth.

Free 5-Step Course

We’ve developed a FREE 5 Step Course to assist you in the creation of your process dependent business.  If you have a growing business and you’re challenged getting your operating procedures implemented in such a way that it’s easy to train and manage employees then this course is for you.

Systemscaping course

The SystemScaping Course is a 10-week program that will help you build the systemic foundation of your very own process dependent business.  In the course, you will receive:

  • Sample processes, process templates and tools
  • A fully activated Touchstone Business System account
  • 10 Weeks of live interactive consulting
  • The 5-step plan for building a process dependent business
  • A community of like-minded peers

We offer various options to assist you in creating a process dependent business.  These include:

  • Self-service (launching 2021)
  • 10-Week SystemScaping Course  (launching 2021)
  • Private One-on-One Session

Learn how to Build a process dependent business

Are you wanting to scale your business, to build value and standardise your business processes and operating procedures?  Then this program is for you!  If you would like more information about how your business can benefit from the program and systematising your business processes, then why not request a FREE 30-minute ZOOM consultation to clarify any questions you may have? 

Weekly Course Syllabus

  • WEEK #1: Create and Implement your Strategic Planning Process
  • WEEK #2: Create the Org Chart of your Future Vision
  • WEEK #3: List your Processes – Marketing & Sales
  • WEEK #4: List your Processes – Management & Strategy
  • WEEK #5: List your Processes – Admin / Finance / HR / IT
  • WEEK #6: List Your Processes – Production & Operations
  • WEEK #7: Create Position Specific Operating Manuals
  • WEEK #8: Develop the Processes for One Position
  • WEEK #9: Develop & Implement your Hiring and On-Boarding Process
  • WEEK #10: Wrap Up & How to Proceed from HERE