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Upcoming Events

Below you will find more information about upcoming live and virtual events hosted by Smart Business Solutions and our customers and technology partners.  These events provide insight into the latest business trends, cloud-based technology solutions and business strategies to help you START, MANAGE, GROW and SCALE your business venture.  Our focus is on helping you build a


Business Networking Breakfast Meetings

Create a valuable business breakfast series

Create a Valuable business

Breakfast Series

Business Networking Breakfast meetings

Smart Business Solutions has partnered with Lago Puccini to host and present a series of 8 business networking breakfast meetings focused on helping business owners, entrepreneurs and SME’s understand how to build a business that is ready for a post COVID-19 and 4th Industrial Revolution business environment.

Join us for a great networking opportunity and learn how to STARTMANAGEGROW and SCALE a VALUABLE business.

Please note that COVID-19 regulations apply.

Cost is R65 per person.  This includes breakfast and coffee.

8-Part Breakfast Meeting Series

We will be covering the following topics over the course of the next 8 months:

24 March 2021 | How Can You GROW and SCALE a Business in a post COVID-19 and 4th Industrial Revolution Business Environment

21 April 2021 | What Is A Business Model And How Can You Use A Business Model to CREATE, DELIVER and CAPTURE value?

19 May 2021 | What is a DIGITAL BUSINESS MODEL and how can you pivot your brick and mortar BUSINESS MODEL?

23 June 2021 | What What is a TECHNOLOGY STACK and how can you implement a stack to help GROW and SCALE your business?

21 July 2021 | Introducing ZOHO – an integrated cloud-based BUSINESS OPERATING SYSTEM for your business.

18 August 2021 | What is a BUSINESS PROCESS and how can SYSTEMATISING and AUTOMATING PROCESSES help you GROW and SCALE your business?

22 September 2021 | How do you build a VALUABLE BUSINESS and what are the VALUE DRIVERS in your business?

20 October 2021 | How do you create a PRODUCTISED business by finding what services are TEACHABLE, VALUABLE and REPEATABLE?

Breakfast Meeting Details

The live breakfast meeting series will be held from 08h30 – 10h30 on the dates at:

COVID-19 protocols apply for the live event.