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Have you considered the advantages of processing your payroll online?

Online payroll is one of the hottest topics in human resources and accounting today.  Reliable, on-time payroll is the cornerstone of a successful operation, especially when you are running a small business.  Your employees and independent contractors rely on being paid timeously.  But handling your company's payroll administration can be a time-consuming process.  Accuracy and efficiency are essential. It is also important to minimize the time you're spending on administrative tasks so you can focus your time on running your business.

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Many businesses conduct their payroll processes in-house in the form of full-fledged payroll departments or small business owners attempting to do it on their own.  Here’s why many of these in-house users are considering the switch to online:

  • Online payroll is more affordable

    Do the calculation: figure out how many man-hours you and your staff are devoting to managing your payroll.  Translate that into rands (i.e. salary).  It’s easy to see how those expenses can multiply.  Whoever is managing your payroll is probably wasting too much time on it.  By making the switch from in-house, you and your staff can avoid spending hours on administrative tasks that are automated with an online payroll system.

  • Online payroll minimizes the risk of human error

    Numerous startups and small businesses will face a SARS penalty based on errors with their payroll submissions.  With fewer opportunities to manually enter inaccurate information, online systems minimize the risks of mistakes.  Also, the payroll application automatically does all the mathematical calculations for you.

  • It is significantly more time-efficient

    After your online payroll system has been set up, you will find that you’re able to complete your weekly/monthly payroll within minutes — not hours and hours.  The online format allows you to easily calculate pay based on hours, overtime and bonuses, while effortlessly keeping track of staff leave.  This frees up your staff to focus on more important things like growing the business.

  • You’ll be better equipped to meet deadlines

    Online payroll systems help ensure that all deadlines for payroll payments, tax payments and other necessities are met on a timely basis.   Unfortunately, this level of reliability is often lacking in in-house payroll systems.  A missed deadline can be incredibly costly, potentially resulting in your company being targeted by SARS and being forced to pay costly penalties and interest.

  • It provides more access to your staff

    Whether it’s an employee looking for information on a previous pay cheque or an executive trying to access a specific report, an online system makes it simple to find important records.  Your reports and information can be stored online and securely accessed by other employees who need to review them.

The online approach to payroll processing has many advantages: time savings, meeting deadlines more easily, quick access to data and, of course, cost.  With these factors combined, it’s clear that online payroll is a great choice for any company.

We are a Sage One Payroll Partner and highly recommend Sage One Payroll for startups and existing small businesses.  Sage One Payroll integrates into Sage One Accounting saving a great deal of processing time.  Sage One Payroll monthly pricing is R22.00 exc. VAT per payslip.

For more information about Sage One Payroll and it's features, please click here.

PaySpace brings together all your Payroll and HR information in a single, integrated platform while enabling anywhere, anytime and any device access.  PaySpace pricing is dependent on the options subscribed for.

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