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Better Proposals is online software which helps you send your proposals in less time and get paid faster

Win more business | Get paid faster

Forget about never-ending sales processes.  No more pushing pixels around to get your proposals just right.  Now, you can create beautiful, high-converting, easy-to-sign proposals in minutes instead of hours.  Win more business without wasting hours writing and designing proposals.

The future of proposal writing

Get Deals done

Send more professional proposals, impress your clients and get paid in less time

Probably the simplest proposal editor ... ever

You shouldn’t need two PhDs and a computer programming certificate just to write an effective proposal.  That’s why our proposal editor is designed to make building your proposal as fast and easy as possible.  Click, type, save. With Better Proposals, making proposals look great is as easy as writing an email.

Professionally written and designed templates

You want templates?  You got it.  With over 100 customizable proposal templates in our library spanning a wide array of industries, you’ll have no trouble finding one that works for you.  Use them right out of the box or customize them to your heart’s content.  All of our templates are built with sales industry best practices in mind, making it easy to customize one and hit send.

Save Time by Recycling What Works

Save the best pieces of your proposals to the Content Library for future use.  Like what you’ve built?  Happy with how your most recent proposal performed?  Instantly save the best elements of any proposal to your Content Library with 1 click.  Saved elements will then be available in your Content Library for use in future proposals.

Make your proposals...yours

Time to show off.  Infuse your proposals with your business’ unique identity and show your prospects what makes you special.

  • Add your company colours and logo to create a consistent buyer experience
  • Use your company fonts to keep your proposals on brand
  • Give each proposal a custom domain to make it look like it’s part of your own website
  • Your own content and imagery to give it that personalized feel

Instant notifications

Smart salespeople know that the fortune is in the follow-up.  Now, with Better Proposals’ instant notifications and industry leading analytics, you can make that fortune yours by following up at exactly the right time.  You’ll get notified via email every time your proposal is opened, forwarded, printed, or signed – so you can follow up with the prospect right when it’ll have the most impact.

The Price is Always Right

Price your offers exactly how you want with intelligent pricing tables.  Need a recurring price for a subscription or instalment item?  Use the Recurring Fees feature to set your fee to recur once a month, once a quarter, or once a year.  Want to bill for multiple items at once?  Use the Quantities feature to charge for a series of coaching sessions, recurring projects, or what have you all at once.  Is it time to upsell the client?  With the Bolt-On feature, you can add optional line items to any proposal – items that your client can turn on or off.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Get your proposal signed online now, not in 3 weeks.  You’ll get more deals signed in less time when you ask for a digital signature on your proposal.  Forget about the “print, sign, scan, return” nonsense.  Now, your clients can simply type their names on a web page, and in just a few seconds your proposal has gone from yeah, maybe? to yeah, baby!  Don’t forget, digital signatures are legally binding all around the world, easy to sign (just type your name), secure and encrypted.

Talk to Prospects in Real Time

Live chat integrations make selling easy.  Instant message your prospects as they read your proposals.  Use your favourite live chat app to answer their objections, address their concerns, and close the sale.

Sell Better with In-Depth Reports

Make smarter sales and marketing decisions with rich analytics and diverse data sets.  Discover how your team are performing View all of your numbers on one easy-to-read page, including:

  • Sales Overview
  • Sales by Month, Quarter, and Year
  • Average Conversion Rate and Time-To-Signing
  • Revenue by Product
  • View Statistics by Team Member
  • See Conversion Rate by Template

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