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We are passionate about entrepreneurship and developing entrepreneurs.

Empowering entrepreneurs

Why We Exist

With any business or organisation, whether startup or one that is already operating, it is important that you are getting the best advice from a reputable company.

Smart Business Solutions is passionate about entrepreneurial development and believes that supporting entrepreneurs in South Africa through three core areas of any organisation will help make a difference in creating jobs and sustainable SMEs.  The three core focus areas are essential to any startup or existing organisation, whether commercial or social, and can make a great difference to the success or failure of the organisation.

We believe that we are able to assist through a process that enables and empowers entrepreneurs through engagement and mentorship.  We are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs start, grow and prosper.

Engaging entrepreneurs

How We Connect

We have experienced both the corporate world and the life of an entrepreneur and can speak for both.  Being an entrepreneur is not for the feint hearted.  For those who do persevere, it can be very rewarding.

We believe that the best manner for us to add value to your organisation is through a process of engagement about what you do and to get this defined in a basic business model.  We find this to be a great enabler in identifying the entrepreneurial skillset that need to be developed as well as the cloud technologies that need to be implemented to provide marketing and business systems for any organisation.

Our Core Focus Areas

Any business that desires to be successful and sustainable over the long-term needs to focus on getting the "three P's" (People / Product / Process) right.  This can be done by giving attention to the three core areas that we focus on.

Enabling entrepreneurs

What We Do

As entrepreneurs, we understand how difficult it is to find the right tools or advice when starting out.  We have been there ourselves, and have spent money on the wrong tools and advice .... and we have paid the "school fees".

Our tools, workshops and cloud technologies provide startups, entrepreneurs and existing SMEs with a resource for all that is needed to startup a business or take an existing business to the next level.  Feel free to browse this website and to contact us to see how we can help you startup, grow and prosper in your business venture.

Business Model Canvas

We assist startups, entrepreneurs and existing organisations to describe how they create, deliver and capture value.

Entrepreneurial Skills Development

We help entrepreneurs build an entrepreneurial skillset that will help them manage and grow their organisations.

Social Media

Social media can change the very landscape of your business and is one of the biggest advantages an entrepreneur can have.

Video Animation

Animated videos help people understand your business and products better than any other marketing strategy.


Infographics can also be used to tell a story about you, your company, or a particular product or service you’re promoting.

Online Accounting

Accounting systems that you can access anywhere at anytime provide opportunity to leverage the benefits of cloud technology.

Responsive Websites

An online presence for your business through an interactive website provides an up-to-date digital company brochure.

Online Stores

Online stores utilising online payment platforms provide opportunities to sell products to a much wider customer base.

Payroll & Human Resources

Cloud based payroll systems reduce the cost of payroll implementation and management of legislative updates.