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Benefits Of Working With A ZOHO Partner

ZOHO offers some of the best cloud software to manage and improve almost any part of a business.  ZOHO CRM, one of the leading SMB CRM solutions, has become widely used with over 60 million users in 2020.  Not to mention, ZOHO continually expands its product range to help businesses manage any aspect imaginable.  This includes pipeline stages, content creation, marketing automation, customer service, HR solutions, and so much more.  Since all ZOHO products are available at a fraction of the price competing SaaS businesses are charging for similar functionality, ZOHO represents a way for businesses of all sizes to level the playing field and optimise performance with cutting-edge technology.  And with ZOHO One including over 55+ applications for an unbeatable price, the sky is the limit and a ZOHO consultant can help.

Why Use A ZOHO Consultant

The proper implementation of the ZOHO suite is pivotal for the success of today’s businesses.  However, with its out-of-the-box complexity, it makes sense to rely on ZOHO authorised consultants to select the right mix of products and optimise every implementation.  Some of ZOHO’s products are extremely easy to use, while others have a steep learning curve.  Having the right partner to train your team the right way on these applications is also just as important.

One of the most common reasons why businesses turn to consultants is to ensure they are making use of the right mix of tools.  For instance, companies that have already been successful with ZOHO CRM may want to expand their efforts into email marketing or financial suite integration.  Companies that try to explore all of the tools ZOHO offers on their own could waste hundreds of hours while still missing out on key opportunities.

Achieving unique functionality is another reason why people choose to get a consultant.

Companies can spend dozens of hours trying to get something right.  A consultant can professionally do the same job in a fraction of the time.  When results need to be perfect, relying on a ZOHO consultant is almost always the best solution.

Advantages of Using a Zoho Consultant

There is a wide range of advantages that you should consider when considering whether or not hiring a consultant is the right choice for you.  Consultants become increasingly important as businesses become larger or software usage becomes more complex.  Overall, every business can benefit from at least knowing the right consultant to contact when they hit a point where help is needed.  Read on to learn about some of the most important advantages to consider when weighing the value of hiring a ZOHO consultant.

1. Choose the right mix of solutions

Many companies miss out on a huge portion of their potential sales because they fail to make use of the tools needed to improve their performance at various stages of their pipeline.  Since ZOHO offers almost 55+ different applications and 1000s of 3rd party integrations, it is infeasible for companies to know what works and doesn’t right off the bat.

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Consultants work directly with your business to understand your needs and select the right mix of products to improve performance.  Knowing how to integrate and automate different products sometimes includes custom solutions as well.  When changes or updates happen, consultants can inform your business in a timely manner and make the necessary changes quickly.

2. Get the most out of your ZOHO software

Every piece of ZOHO software has hundreds or even thousands of different features and often times necessary third-party applications.  Now multiple that by the number of different business models, and you have an endless combination of solutions out there.  Knowing what works with the ZOHO suite is another key factor why a consultant is a must.

3. Experts reduce risks, mistakes, and unforeseen outcomes

Although by design ZOHO applications are usually easy to use, it is still possible for mistakes to be made.  ZOHO partners have the foresight to look ahead to see how your implementation could lead to problems later down the road for your business.  For instance, if your business is sending out too many newsletter emails, your emails could get flagged as spam.  Consultants can foresee problems so that your business can make full use of technology with fewer risks.  They can also create structured systems and automation within your organization that fire off tasks during the different stages of your pipeline.  This can ensure that the right process is being executed by the right employees every time.

4. Gain access to high-level support

It is easy for companies to find themselves shelling out R100s or even R1,000s per user per month on enterprise-level solutions with high-level customer support.  The price tag of ZOHO is practically unbeatable for enterprise-grade software.  However, this also comes with the cost of very basic customer support.  Thankfully, companies can get the best of both worlds by relying on an authorised ZOHO Partner.  Thus, companies can enjoy using ZOHO’s enterprise-level solutions with world-class support.

5. ZOHO Consultant credentials are easily verifiable

With most of the leading business software providers, companies basically have to trust a consultant’s word that they are actually authorised.  Although consultants with most providers may receive a certificate to show a client, the client really has no indication of whether an official-looking document is actually legitimate.

On the other hand, ZOHO makes it easy to verify a consultant’s credentials online by using its consultant search page.  Potential clients can use this page to compare authorised consultants and verify provider credentials.

Let us look at the different categories of partners:

ZOHO Authorised Partner: Authorised partners are usually smaller teams that have been verified by taking on a few clients.

ZOHO Advanced Partner: These are partners that have reached the next benchmark of new ZOHO clients each year.  They often offer custom solutions and have a deeper understanding of the ZOHO universe because of their experience.

ZOHO Premium Partner: These are the pros.  To achieve this status and keep it these partners must acquire $100k+ of new ZOHO users each year.  They usually consist of larger teams with a vast understanding of business practices, ZOHO solutions & implementations, and offer client portals for support.

6. Zoho consultants save time & money

Since consultants work with ZOHO products every day, they know how to execute implementations without the research.  Consultants can be particularly helpful if you need to take complex actions.  This includes completing difficult integrations, using advanced analytics, or writing custom code to take advantage of ZOHO APIs.

In addition to working faster, consultants take the burden off the backs of your employees trying to figure it out.  Consequently, your team can focus on what it does best while ZOHO consultants apply their expertise.  On top of that their wide range of best business practices can also help streamline your processes reducing the amount of money spent on tasks that can be automated.

7. Get help with tough migrations or integrations

Most ZOHO products come with support for hundreds of integrations, but customisation is often times necessary.  Consultants have experience managing complex integrations and migrations, so they can manage these challenges more effectively and efficiently.

With ZOHO products, integrations are usually very straightforward.  After all, most ZOHO products are designed to work hand-in-hand with each other to give business owners optimal performance.

Nevertheless, integrations can get tricky when working with certain software programs.  Some programs may not want to give ZOHO the information it is requesting.  Therefore, it may become necessary to make a copy of a database before feeding it into ZOHO.  Other times, integrations can cause duplication issues inside your database.  If neglected what started out as a minor nuisance can become a large problem.

8. Receive professional training for yourself and your team

A key part of any ZOHO consulting package is training.  As a result, consultants can put on courses, meetings, and training sessions to get your team members up to speed about the ZOHO software they will be using.  Training can reduce the learning curve associated with the use of ZOHO applications, and it gives your employees the chance to grow in their careers.  When employees have proper training and understanding of best practices with the applications, it sets them up for success boosting both their productivity and morale.

9. Improve your use of data

Data is one of the most important sources of competitive advantage in today’s world, but very few businesses make full use of it.  Consultants can teach your business how to make full use of ZOHO’s business intelligence and advanced analytics tools to closely monitor your performance.  Consultants can also move your ZOHO data into third-party programs that can be used to analyse historical data or improve live monitoring.  This kind of reporting gives you deeper insight into your KPIs, business processes, and P&L.

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