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Identify your business growth gaps with the NXT- 9 business assessment tool

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Watch our video for a quick introduction to how NXT-9 gets you into cruise mode – that place where your business is thriving.

Before Neil Armstrong could take his “small step for man” he and his team of Next 9 astronauts underwent a rigorous training program under the expert guidance of Raymond Zedehar.

The first team of civilian astronauts, named the Next 9, were recruited from public applications and lacked the scientific knowledge that would make them effective in space.  It was only with the experienced guidance of these mentors and coaches that resulted in this historical achievement- a successful lunar landing.

NXT-9 sets you free from the gravitational forces holding your business back

Every entrepreneur has ambitions for growth, wealth creation, cashflow, free time, impact, and flow. Those collective hopes represent our personal ‘moonshot’. But few of us have a business that is really headed for the moon.

Don’t know

why your business is stuck in earth’s gravitational field even though you’re on full thrust all the time?

Don’t know

where to start or what to do to fix it?

Need how-to

guidance on to how to implement cutting edge scale-up principles and tools?

NXT-9 guides you through five critical steps into balanced business growth - really fast

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1. Identify

NXT-9’s X-Ray quickly and accurately identifies the critical gaps in your business causing it to be stuck on a trajectory well below your ambitions. NXT-9 literally gives you X-Ray vision.

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2. Prioritise

Our AI engine prioritises your gaps, showing your top 3 priorities at a business level and per business function. NXT-9 shows you exactly where to start.

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3. Act

Our AI engine also provides tailored, action recommendations for you to close your gaps and remove the causes of your chaos, inertia and stress. NXT-9 sets you up to act fast.

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4. Learn

Our smart Academy provides just-in-time ”how-to” content, tools and templates from the greatest minds on scaling up, carefully curated for you and your team to learn on the job. NXT-9 helps you do things you haven’t done before.

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5. Navigate

Our smart Navigator allows you to assign business building actions to owners and track your progress, outside the clutter of your operational management tools. It automatically updates your turn-by-turn directions as you execute, until you are at your destination. NXT-9 puts you in cruise control, confident you are working on the right things at the right time.

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CEOs love using NXT-9’s software to grow their business

“It has meant the difference between certain death and survival for Inoxico by helping us address critical issues proactively. We love using this tool.”
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Dominique Pitot
CEO – Inoxico Data Powered Risk Solutions
“If you are an established business that needs to scale, the NXT-9 blueprint will take you places. Following its framework, there is not a single predicament you won’t be able to overcome. It arms you to deal with complexity and outlines problems in your company.”
home testimonial lethabo
Lethabo Mokone
CEO – MakwaIT
“Peopletree Group has been around for 25 years. We have worked on a lot of exciting ideas to grow our business, but we just weren’t scaling. NXT-9’s X-Ray showed us what we really should be doing. We now have a comprehensive, sequential, and shareable game plan. We’ve made more progress in one month that we have in the last 25 years.”
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Martin Sutherland
Global Director – Peopletree Group

Assessment Tool Creators

NXT-9 was created by 3 partners with deep passion & experience in supporting SMEs

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One of Africa's leading SME financiers and support providers. Edge manages >R1.7bn of capital, have invested ~R700m in >85 ventures, mentored and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, and contributed to creating >6000 new jobs.

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Edge's specialist Scale Up support arm, helping high growth entrepreneurs to navigate the Path To Scale™. 10X has supported some of Africa's leading Scale Ups to scale their Founders, management teams, systems and strategies at key points on their journey.

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South Africa's largest business bank, pioneering many of SA's most innovative financial and support offerings for entrepreneurs, often in partnership with Edge Growth.

What Users Are Saying

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How We can help!

The NXT- 9 Business Assessment tool forms part of our business development and mentorship / advisory value offering where we work together with business owners over the course of 12 months to help identify the strengths and weaknesses in the business and then explore and provide interventions to resolve these and put the business on a path to growth and scale.

The engagement includes the following:

  • Access for 12 months to the NXT-9 Business Assessment tool
  • Path to scale evaluation
  • Comprehensive X-ray
  • Access to NXT- Academy
    • Unlimited curated resources
    • Unlimited digital courses
  • 10 Members
  • Optional (but recommended) 12 month business coach / advisor engagement
  • Optional discipline focused workshops

If you are interested in discovering the “Path To Scale” for your business, then feel free to request a FREE 60 minute consult to learn more.

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Book A Free 60 Minute Consultation

To enable you to better understand the benefit of the NXT-9 Business X-Ray Assessment Tool for your business, and how it can help you better understand your “Path To Scale”, why not reach out to our business development experts for a FREE 60 minute consultation where we are happy to go through your questions and share more about the value benefits of the the NXT-9 Business X-Ray Assessment Tool.

If there is a good fit in terms of the product and we can be of service to help you manage, grow and scale your business, then we will provide you with access to our client engagement portal where you will be able to find much more detailed information about the NXT-9 Business X-Ray and how it can help you better understand the strengths and weaknesses in your business.